Blackjack No Wager Promotions

Even if you are new to playing online casino games and have never played blackjack before, you probably already know a thing or two about this popular table game; this is because have probably seen it portrayed in a fun and elegant way on popular media. Some people would say that blackjack is the most exciting game that you can possibly play at an online casino and we have to agree; although this is really a matter of preference, but there is something magical about this game. Better yet, is the fact that there are quite a few online gambling sites willing to provide you with a sweet no wager blackjack bonus to play at their establishment.

Benefits of a No Wager Blackjack Promo


Most likely, you already know that gambling operators are not shy about giving real money, spins, or casino credit if it means that it will get more people to join their site instead of the competition. Usually, you will be able to find a good welcome offer that will require a deposit at a gambling site because these are very common; sometimes you might even get to play with a no deposit bonus that has no wagering requirements. However, this is very rare. Welcome bonuses and new player no deposit offers usually come with wagering requirements that have to be completed with before players can claim and get to cash out winnings. For example, imagine that you accept an online casino promotion that provides you with $100 of free cash or credit and has 30x wagering requirements; this means that you will have to bet a total of $3,000 before being able to requests winnings that you were lucky enough to get. Fully complying with wagering requirements is entirely possible if they are reasonable, but it is much better to get your hands on a no wager blackjack bonus, and here is why:

  • Nothing to Worry About: Again, dealing with wagering requirements is not a huge deal, as long as they are not extremely high which is too often the case. However, a no wager promo has absolutely no wagering requirements, just as the name suggests, and that means that there is nothing to worry about.
  • Faster Withdrawal Process: Since a no wager blackjack bonus does not require you to comply even with minimal wagering requirements, the withdrawal process for winnings is a lot easier. It might seem like the personnel at an online casino should get this process done almost immediately even when there are wagering requirements but verifying that these really have been fully met can be a lengthy process for them.

Reasons to Play Blackjack


No matter what type of casino game happens to be your favorite, you have to admit that they all have something to offer. However, there are plenty of reasons to choose to play blackjack over other options, particularly if a no wager blackjack bonus happens to be there for the taking. Let's have a closer look at some of the best reasons to choose to play blackjack:

  • Easy to Learn: Blackjack is a game that has been around a very long time and has a certain amount of sophistication associated with it; so much so that some people might get the impression that it is very difficult to learn, but the exact opposite is the truth. Blackjack is surprisingly easy to play and that is what leads a lot of people to turn to it as a fun pastime, especially with a blackjack bonus from a top online casino.
  • Excellent Odds: Playing blackjack is a lot of fun for players of all skill levels and it really is a game of chance so that means that even players who are just getting started with it can walk away with decent winnings. For some people, however, playing this famous casino game is much more serious business as the one thing they are focused on is making money, but why this game? Most people who choose to play blackjack in a professional or full-time manner do so because this particular game has the best odds of any casino game out there! This is good news whether you are trying as hard as you can to make a profit or just having fun!
  • Basic Strategy Helps: As mentioned above, blackjack is a very easy game to learn to play and that means that you can get into the action fast, have a great time, and enjoy a good chance of winning, given the odds we just talked about. However, players who choose to get more serious than most with this game will turn their attention to basic strategy whether they are playing with a blackjack bonus or not. Basic strategy is more difficult to learn and employ than just the normal rules but the upside is that it brings down the house edge to about half of a percent and there is no other game in any online or physical casino that can be that favorable for players! Many people swear by blackjack strategy and the results that it gets them but there is only one way to really find out whether it will work for you or not.

Blackjack Games to Consider


Once you get yourself an excellent blackjack bonus, it is important to note that you will not necessarily be limited to playing classic blackjack with it unless that is stated in the terms and conditions. If you are new to this game, it is highly advisable that you stick to classic blackjack until you get used to the rules; but there are a lot of other variations that you will eventually want to get into. If your specific no wager promotion allows it, here are some blackjack variations you might want to check out:

  • Blackjack Switch: Blackjack Switch is considered to be the best blackjack game out there by many peoples and it is definitely quite popular. One of the best things about this blackjack version is that learning it is not hard at all. One of the things that stand out the most about this game is that it is played with two hands and players are able to switch cards from one hand to the other in order to get the best possible combination. Anyone who loves to play blackjack switch will readily agree that it is advantageous for players and, because of this, the rules state that the dealer only busts with a 23 or higher to make things even.
  • European Blackjack: You might not have heard of European Blackjack before, but we are sure that you are going to like it! In this type of blackjack, the dealer does not get a hole card until the player makes a move and that makes doubling down more complicated.
  • Double Exposure: Double exposure blackjack is very popular because it increases players' odds because the dealer's cards are exposed, hence the name. Obviously, the house loses its advantage with the dealer's hand exposed so some of the rules are changed in order to restore the balance including the fact that players cannot purchase insurance, split, or surrender.
  • In Conclusion

    Of course, the list above only mentions a few of the best blackjack games that you might get a chance to play with a no wager blackjack bonus. You can rest assured that there are a lot more out there just waiting for you to discover them! Which top blackjack games are right for you is something that you will only really know once you actually experience them so we suggest claiming the best blackjack bonus that you can as soon as possible so that you can start your journey with this fascinating game and maybe makes some cold, hard cash in the process!