What Bonus Hunting Is

Bonus hunting is a practice perhaps just as old as the online gambling industry itself. To some people, this term might seem pretty straightforward but it can be confusing to some people. Here, we will go into depth about what this term used to mean at one time and what it mostly refers to now.

Bonus Hunting Years Ago


People have gambled in one way or another for centuries and even thousands of years because it has always been exciting to do so; for lucky winners, it can even be quite profitable. There are even people who find gambling to be so profitable that they make a living from it and some even fortunes! Of course, there was once a time when only physical casinos were an option for those of us who wanted to have fun and perhaps make some money playing games of chance. Unfortunately, it was not always easy to get to such physical casinos. The Internet changed the face of gambling forever since it made online casinos accessible to just about everyone around the planet; before that, some people had to travel long distances and spend a lot of money just to be able to play slots, table games, and other casino games. With the advent of gambling sites came promotions and bonus hunting. Gambling operators quickly realized that offering people no deposit bonuses, first deposit offers, and other excellent promotions would get them to join and they could increase their membership. Back then, one could say that the people running online casinos were more trusting and so they would offer out-of-this-world promotions with little to no wagering requirements. Most people who accepted such promotions did so in good faith, but others soon realized that they could start "bonus hunting" these offers to take full advantage of them without meaning to play at the sites in question after they got as much as they could out of them. The people who employed bonus hunting were referred to as "advantage" players since they were taking advantage of the situation for their own maximum benefit in what most of us would recognize as unfair play.

At that point, bonus hunting simply referred to the practice of looking for the best possible promos from online casinos which would ideally have very low wagering requirements, manipulate gameplay in such a way as to get past these requirements without playing the way most people do, and then get out of Dodge with the bonus money. By bonus hunting as much as possible, some unscrupulous advantage players managed to cheat more than a few online casinos out of good money. Of course, that could not last forever as gambling operators soon realized what was going on with bonus hunting and adjusted the terms and conditions of their promotions accordingly.

How Things Changed


In the early years of online gambling, operators had a tougher time getting people to sign up for various reasons. To begin with, not everyone could afford a computer and Internet back in the 1990s when the industry began. Yet another factor that kept some people from joining was trust. People were wary of putting their personal and financial information into a gambling site for fear of being defrauded in some way. This explains why online casinos were so easy and accommodating when it came to bonuses back then; but that all changed because of bonus hunting by advantage players. Gambling operators realized that they could easily go broke if they continued to offer brilliant promos with little to no wagering requirements at all. To avoid this, stricter rules were implemented. No deposit promos with no wagering requirements still exist, but they are not as prevalent as they used to be and will usually have wagering requirements that ensure that players do not benefit from them in a fraudulent manner. Advantage players can no longer simply take a bonus and run away with the bonus money! Online casino promotions are still quite attractive and can lead to nice profits with some luck for players who sign up for them with the proper intentions.

Bonus Hunting These Days

Bonus hunting can still refer to the practice of looking for the best possible bonuses around to get the most that one can out of them, but it refers to something else also these days. Bonus hunting has come to be associated with "casino streamers." Basically, a few years ago, people began to stream their play live via different social media platforms. This lead to quite a few of these streamers getting a huge following where people can watch them play live and even get to participate in one way or another.

How Bonus Hunting Works

The type of bonus hunting that is now going on different social media starts with an announcement of the event. People who are into this will then be able to participate by making a suggestion of what game they would like to see played; this will have to be a slot title that features a bonus game with free spins. Participants will also get a chance to guess the amount of money that the streamer will (theoretically) win once he or she is done. People who enjoy these events get to participate before and during the bonus hunt, often helping streamers make choices by voting on them. Those who are lucky enough to guess the streamer's winnings can end up winning 10% of them!

Is Bonus Hunting Right for You?


You might find yourself wondering whether bonus hunting is right for you or not. If by this you mean the current trend of watching people stream their live play, we think that it sounds like a very interesting concept and see no reason why people should not try it. After all, there is only one sure way to find out whether you like it or not. Plus, you just might get lucky and make some money on top of having a good time!

Of course you can also engage in bonus hunting in the sense of keeping an eye out for the best possible online casino bonuses as they come out. There is nothing wrong with going after different types of promotions that gambling sites make available, just make sure that you comply with all terms and conditions to the letter so that there is never any doubt about your good faith when it comes to claiming and activating such offers.